Why choose us?

Love Milk, Love Local

  • Our milk and cream is produced by our pedigree Holstein herd and bottled on the premises.
  • We support local charities throughout the year through donating products for their events.
  • In the 1980’s there were around 41,500 dairy farmers producing milk for the UK market. However today there are only 9,500. Many farmers have struggled to meet production costs, leading to many exiting the industry most notably after the demise of the milk marketing board in the 1990’s. We are currently losing an average of 5 dairy farmers a week.
  • If the decline continues milk will need to be imported from around the world, increasing costs and causing job losses in the local community.

We can’t sustain our business without you!

The traditional milkman plays a significant role in the local community. Many elderly people rely on their daily contact with their milkmen, who also provide early morning security for many neighbourhoods. Losing the daily milk round means losing part of Britain’s heritage and a valuable service to the community.

Save the environment!

  • We use only glass bottles, which we can then fully recycle after use. The average family uses an average of 720 plastic milk cartons a year!
  • We maintain the countryside, ensuring habitats for birds and wildlife are preserved.
  • Everything we sell is locally produced!

But what about supermarkets?

Many people believe that milkmen are expensive and prefer to visit the supermarket. In fact everything you can buy from a milkman is roughly the same price, and will save you the time, hassle and fuel of going to the supermarket. Not to mention all those little extras that somehow appear in your basket in the supermarket – who hasn’t popped to the shop to get a pint of milk and spent £10?!